1. freshmeatsva:

    Max Huffman puts the teen in carteenist. He is best known as the creator of “Dennis the Menace”.

    i’ll be at sva’s comix fair fresh meat on may 2nd with stuff:

    • CRIM COBLEND’S GARAGE ISLAND #1 (more on that soon)
    • BOOTLEG JUGHEAD #1 by me
    • BOOTLEG JUGHEAD #2 by william miracle
    • AINT WET, a zine collab with brooklyn’s driest
    • and probably some stickers

    yeah??? yeah


  2. (Source: labestiaenmi)


  3. kevinlucbert:

    Cyclops Island

    29,7x 42 cm, encre sur papier, Kevin Lucbert, 2013.

    (via blastedheath)


  4. four comics i found in the dollar bin at a comic shop in bayville, nj

    • a very faithful 90s reprint of a ‘53 3-d superman comic (glasses included)
    • an original vertigo edition of david wojnarowicz/james romberger’s 7 miles a second, wow what a book, if it wasn’t a crazy reductive thing to call a man’s actual life and writing i’d be inclined to call it the best crime comic of all time. if i wrote things i’d have a lot more to write about this book but i don’t
    • mister miracle #10
    • this


  6. architectural-review:

    Fulcrum cover



  8. derekcharm:

    Race Bannon


  9. guyyanai:

    Pink iPad on Sofa  2014

    oil on linen  180 x 240 cm 


  10. scrims:

    totally skelebones

    trent will own us all